Need a pep talk?  I often and do – and when I do, I usually go back over and re-read one of the fine articles that I’ve linked to below.

5 Ways to Distinguish your Calling From Your Ego

How to Stop Giving a F*ck What People Think

Every Morning, Recite This – Dalai Lama

We Were Made for These Times

5 Signs You’re on the Hero’s Journey

Can’t Find a Dream Job?  Create Your Own

When You Start to Pursue Your Dreams, These 13 Things Will Happen

Finding your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life – Hunter S. Thompson

Don’t let fear stop you from traveling – Home is Where the Internet is

How a TED talk inspired me to take a mid-career sabbatical

On the various insecurities of the perpetual traveler

8 Simple Ways to be more in the moment when you travel

Is the American Dream holding you back?


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